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John Daly riles for the camera … IPL cradle-snatchers offer six-figure lollipops to Baby Blues … Rudd kicks $45.6 million into World Cup bid, sends sympathy card to NBL … Proteas waiting for insult to be added to injury … Ben Cousins to go from white stripes to Tiger stripes … Manny Pacquiao dishes out a golden hiding to Oscar the Slouch. Revelations A police interrogation is a scary experience, even for one of the toughest men in the NRL. In his new biography Be Your Best , Steve Price reveals the aggressive tactics used by officers in interviews during the sexual assault allegations against Bulldogs players in 2004. Walking into the station, Price recalls: "There were cells all along the wall full of people that had been locked up for whatever reason and they were going off their nut calling me names."
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And then came the questioning. "The interview room itself was a tiny little box with myself, the lawyer and three police officers crammed in there … the three officers had an obvious game plan to extract information. There were times when I would answer a question and they would say: ‘That’s not what your mate said.’ They were trying to scare me … they took a DNA swab from my mouth and the whole time they were hammering me with questions. It was just like you see in a movie – one playing good cop and the other playing bad cop – the only difference being that this was for real. I don’t ever want to experience something like that again. It scared the life out of me – and I was innocent! The officers would watch your body language so that if you answered a question a certain way they would say: ‘Why did you just move your hand when you said that?’ You constantly felt that you were doing something wrong …"

Price does not detail what happened in the swimming pool of the Coffs Harbour hotel – he was in his room at the time.

Having investigated the story at the time and afterwards, it’s my understanding that the woman who made the accusation was willingly having intercourse with up to six players in the pool but suddenly panicked and began screaming. The players backed away as the woman began claiming they had been raping her, and they all stared at each other in confusion. What ensued was the most infamous investigation in Australian sport, and resulted in the Bulldogs players being cleared of any crime. Get me my cab money Zucc’s sure-fire winner in the last: Punters, we missed out on seven in a row when Zucc’s tip finished second last week after a rough start – those clever enough to put an each-way bet still got their dough back. This one will return us to the winners’ circle. Bawdy’s Lament (box three) hasn’t raced since July but is in a strong kennel and gets his chance to open his city account in the final event at Wentworth Park tonight. Premonition Socceroos skipper Lucas Neill will be traded during next month’s transfer window. Neill earns £70,000 ($157,462) a week and the Hammers have made him an extension offer of "only" £30,000 ($67,483) a week, according to The Times . West Ham are struggling financially and will be keen to recoup money from a Neill deal, given his contract expires in six months and he becomes a free agent. If there is any justice in the world Carsten Charles Sabathia missed out on a gold medal in Sydney but he’s struck gold in the Major League. The man known as CC is tipped to become the richest pitcher in history when he signs a deal worth $US161 million ($243 million) over seven years to join the New York Yankees. Sabathia was selected in the initial 28-man United States squad for the 2000 Olympics and played in one pre-Olympic tournament game in Sydney, but was not on the official 24-man, gold medal-winning roster. Brother, can you spare a sledge? Michael Phelps, who stepped back into the pool last week for the first time since capturing eight gold medals in Beijing – establishing himself as the greatest Olympian of all time – tells The Guardian about his motivational tools. "In my locker for a while before Beijing I had a photo of Ian Crocker [the last swimmer to defeat Phelps]. And then I stuck up an article where Ian Thorpe said eight golds were impossible. I saw that every morning before training and that made me work harder." It’s not porn but you’ll like it Become an instant magician. Go to YouTube and search "Best card trick in the world", be amazed, and then see how it’s done by searching "Best card trick in the world – Revealed". If you’re not watching sport you should be listening to … Nashville . Solomon Burke. Big man, big voice and big album. Burke, with some help from Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin and Patty Loveless, wraps his molasses-dripping voice around a disc of country-themed tunes. The preacher will convert you from the pulpit of soul with That’s How I Got To Memphis , Honey Where’s The Money Gone? , Does My Ring Burn Your Finger and We’re Gonna Hold On .

– Ears McEvoy Useless trivia A snail can sleep for three months.